Nucleaus enables Companies of all sizes to uniquely manage Application Security risk

With the Nucleaus platform, continuously monitor and validate your code repositories while detecting exposure in the early stages of the development cycle. With coverage for most popular languages, frameworks and compliance mapping to security standards, the Nucleaus platform offers automation to proactively fix and protect code with minimal learning curve. 

Simple pricing that just works
Our prices won't break the piggy bank!
Nucleaus Basic Pricing Plan
Basic Plan
Ideal solution for a single developer or a small dev shops who want to keep code secure.
Nucleaus Professional Pricing Plan
Professional Plan
Perfect for teams who need the core functionality minus the CICD and Behind the Firewall integration.
Nucleaus Enterprise Pricing Plan
Enterprise Plan
The whole enchilada with CICD and Behind the Firewall integration along with Tier 3 Support.

Basic Plan Starts at $50 /month*

*Billed Annually
Nucleaus Whitepaper
Learn why Nucleaus is considered one of the most valuable platform providers for code scanning.

Scan code & view reports on any Device

Cut the cord to your Application Security and scan your code at your convenience from anywhere. Simply download the app to your device and manage your repos, create manual scans and download reports.

Available on Apple App Store & Google Play.