Actionable data for every business solution

In today's interwoven software environments your partners risks become your risks. Nucleaus™ provides you and your partners a layer of defense against those risks by proactively looking for Vulnerabilities solving SAST for your Security Operation Center clients through a single pane of glass. With Nucleaus™, your clients can be up and running with three simple steps. Your Security Operations Center can monitor the code through the console and see actionable data.

Quickly Identify & Remediate Code Severities
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Work with other departments to reduce risk
Improve vendor selection critera and develop supplier baselines
Nucleaus SOC Solutions
Security Operation Center
Develop security standards for suppliers and enforce them
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Understand Risk in Single Pane of Glass

From local development through the CI/CD Pipeline, we integrate seamlessly.

Code scanning on any Device on your Schedule

Monitor your Application Security data and scan your code at your convenience from anywhere. Simply download the app to your device and manage your repos, create manual scans and download reports.

Available on Apple App Store & Google Play.


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