Integration is in most cases the Achilles Heel of making software applications work in unity.

We at Nucleaus know this because our engineers have lived it over and over again and the adage “Need is the mother of invention” is truly our genesis. We have designed Nucleaus to be extremely easy to integrate into your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in multiple ways without having dedicated people to run the software.

Integration made simple

To start, we integrate with most GIT repositories using our simple easy to use console. When we say, “3 step process in 30 minutes”, we rigorously eat out own dog food to back up that statement.

Next we extend our scanner to use a CLI (Command Line Interface) so it can be integrated into your automated build process. Just like looking for buggy code we can look for vulnerabilities while code is continuously integrated.

Because our customer’s environments are diverse we also have a Behind the Firewall product whereby it is a containerized version of Nucleaus™ that can be installed BTF. This offers a variant to cloud scanner to be stood up in an onPrem environment.

Integration Workflow That Works

With nucleaus’s platform, product integration is simple with minimal effort from your team. The SaaS-based approach scales to your enterprise and seamlessly works with no hardware to install, no maintenance and or learning curve. The adoption process is simple with provisioning in less than 30 minutes.

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